Thursday, July 14, 2016

How does My Garden Grow?

This spring I was anxious to get a garden planted. For years I struggled with a garden in a zone with a short growing season. Here I have around 2 extra months of garden growing weather....

But... the back yard was and still is... in need of LOTS of work...including the soil!. ... We had someone look at our backyard and they told me.... you can't plant a garden until you get some topsoil....

But I was not about to wait...lets get this garden growing and see what it does!!
So we added one little bag of manure....and a bag of peat moss..... and planted the garden...
Two week later...

I started to weed:) (I know it looks sad!)
We've been eating radishes, greens, and onions for a couple weeks. 
This is my garden today...
And the veggies we are now eating...

We still have lots of work to do in our garden....but its so much fun being able to go to the garden to get your veggies for supper!!


  1. never ever, not ever....tell a woman she "can't" do something. if you do, she will prove you wrong!! i was going to say, if you have trouble, you could go with a raised bed BUT your not having any trouble. ;)

    i like your lettuce, i might add that next year!!!

    i tried to go potatoes last year, i got one, it was the size of a quarter ;)

  2. It looks amazing!!! We would love s garden. Louis Dean had one in Brownwood before we married. When he rented the house out the garden continued to produce well. Maybe next year we will have cleaned up an area to plant one in the back yard. We'll have to move Sanford and Son out first!

  3. WOW! You have lot of veggies in your garden. It is good to use the veggies which we grow for cooking. They give us extra taste and happiness.

  4. Nothing better than eating fresh vegetables from your garden!

  5. How wonderful your hard work has paid off! It all looks so great!

  6. How wonderful your hard work has paid off! It all looks so great!

  7. oh, that's awesome. your impatience pays off. :)

  8. I don't know but your garden and the veggies look great.


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