Thursday, July 21, 2016

We now call it....Turtle Town

There are many places in our area to kayak...Today we went to French Slough (hubby does not like that name... I like the way slough sounds....he thinks it should be canal... as the river does flow into it;) Anyways it is a beautiful spot to kayak...we have taken the French Slough north...but wanted to see what the south side looked like.
There is something so peaceful about being on the water....the quiet...the birds...the wind moving the trees...I love it!
It's fun to explore the little spots along the way....
Then we saw them...
Sunbathing turtles.... a couple logs with turtles sunbathing. Taking picture is not easy in a kayak...and I only take my phone!

After watching them I carried on a few feet...then I saw him... I heard him swim under my kayak...and then he was beside me....his head out of the water !
Can you see him? He blends in with the weeds! The area was filled with turtles!!
 It was a beautiful time...
This will become our Turtle Town ride....we will be back as we found a little beach for a picnic...and a few more areas to explore...
This sign is where we park our vehicle... I suppose they do cross the road now and then!


  1. Turtle town is a good name, they are quite the sunbathers!!! I have not been kayaking, it's on my summer bucket list but we have yet to go!!!!

    The view there is gorgeous!!!

  2. I love the first photo with the reflection. I'm not a kayaker, but this canal or slough looks like a relaxing and ideal to enjoy the surroundings and the wildlife.

  3. Just a gorgeous place! Loved seeing it! Loved the turtle crossing sign too, and the turtles on the log. Beautiful scenery. We are moving from Tucson AZ to the bend area of Oregon (mid-state). Can't wait!!!

  4. the water is beautiful. turtles always make me smile. :)


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