Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Upstairs House Reno's

Renovating our 'new' home seems like ages ago.... some of you have asked to see before and after pictures of our home so here goes..... I won't bore you with all the rooms... I'll do 3 different posts on the reno's over 3 weeks.
(the lighting for some of the pictures were not the best)
Living Room....


Stairs to Landing

Stairs to basement


  1. Wow, what a transformation!

  2. omgoodness!!!!!!! it is amazing, really much more than i expected!!! you have done an outstanding job, i am so happy you did before and after's!!! i LOVE the wood on the stairs, and perhaps on the basement floor?? it looks like plank wood. you have fantastic light, even though it was not the best for pictures!!! it's so cute and cozy and just amazing. lots of hard work i know!!!!!

  3. wow wee, i love it. so much lighter, airy. more happy!! love it!! i was looking at the lavender below, need to go see what that is about. have a lovely evening. ( :

  4. Hi there, thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment:) These before and after pictures are fantastic!

  5. Well done! I love how "light" and modern the rooms look now.

  6. Beautiful! I love what you did to all the rooms, each one is so inviting.


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