Monday, July 25, 2016 the valley

Hubby was so excited when he found out we had a Walnut tree in our yard!!
This is our tree in May....
They haven't changed much in the last couple months.
I didn't don't pick the walnuts off the trees....they fall off when they are ready.

Friends of ours had BAGS of walnuts from last year...and they gifted us a bag....
We spent an evening cracking them...
Then roasting them...(and eating them:)
They are delicious....We are looking forward to our walnuts this fall!!


  1. well, that's good to know, so you don't get discouraged. i love walnuts!!!

  2. Oooh, I'm so envious. I hope your tree produces LOTS of walnuts for you to enjoy.

  3. i never can decide what i prefer walnuts or pecans. i know the pecans have really gotten pricey. i don't believe i have seen a walnut tree in years. most pecan trees i have seen are yrs old. i wonder if that mean they are not young much any more??! maybe they are not fairing well? ( :


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