Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Balloon Festival

Until today...I had know idea what a Balloon Festival was. Reading some information on events around Yuma I read about the Colorado River Crossing, Balloon Festival. I thought it would be a fun thing to go to. Then I found out that the only day we could go...the event started at 7:00 am? So away we went at 6:45am to see this happening. First of all we could not believe all the people that were there so early in the morning!
'Flag Ceremony'
The first balloon up has the Flag and the National Anthem is play. 
(Now I know what the Flag Ceremony is!)
I was in awe as this was so new to me. I took lots and lots of pictures, which I am sure you do not want to see. So I will take you through the process of putting one balloon into the air. There were over 20 balloons in this launch scattered around the field.
The basket is unloaded and laid out, with a fan beside it.

The balloon is stretched out across the field.
That fan...blows air into the balloon to start blowing it up!
Once the balloon is high enough...they use the gas to finish blowing it up.

The basket is loaded..
And away she goes!
So that is happening all around you 20 x....The following are some pictures of the whole field.
In a matter of 45 minutes...the field was empty and the sky was full...


  1. oh what fun...they have one in our area every year...but I've never gone...great shots...

  2. I would love to ride in one - I have seen them many times - so beautiful! sandie

  3. wasn't it wonderful flora. we went to one also, 125 balloons at ours. here's the link if you want to take a peak:


    we also went on a hot air balloon ride. it was the best adventure EVER!! you would love it!!

  4. We went to one of these here in Scotland many years ago when our girls were wee. It was a wonderful day and a great sight to see. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  5. That last photo is amazing. I would have been in 7th heaven -- good for you for getting up and getting out there! :)

  6. i've been to some of these here in the Dallas area. they're really cool. and LOUD when they're all whooshing their balloons full! so glad you got to experience one!

  7. I would love to go to a balloon fest...I'm not so sure I could go up in one tho :)

  8. What a treat to see these....they are a wonder but don't think I would go up in one.

  9. I recognize some of the balloons as ones that come to the Balloon Rally in my town. It is breath-taking to see the giants inflate right in front of you.

  10. That is so cool! I've seen festival balloons in the sky before, but never watched them go up or been that close. WOW!

  11. Thats cool! I like all the colours .
    I likes all the dots in the sky! Did you think of going in one?! : ) Ive always wanted to go in a hot air balloon. Im guessing you guys had fun!!!

  12. We had a great time...but never did I have a desire to ride one..I like my feet planted on the ground:)


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