Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful. . .

This morning I talked to my daughter back home. It's snowing and cold. 
 I am thankful that this is the kind of Blizzards we'll be having this month!
 The ground at home was white today...
I'm thankful we had green grass and blue skies!
I'm linking with the Good Life


  1. good life indeed, it's gorgeous there!!

    now i want ice cream ;)

  2. That's the only kind of blizzard I want to see too! sandie

  3. I like those type of blizzards best too...thanks for linking up with our thankfulness party!

  4. That is the kind of blizzard I want to get caught up in too! How fun. :)

  5. That's MY Blizzard of choice too!!

  6. How exciting to be out of what's about to come our way. I guess it was Calgary that got the dump, thankfully it's missed up so far. I'm not ready for what's about to come, again the gratitude comes in knowing it's not going to be a long, cold winter! :-)

  7. What a cute photo! We love spending the winter in Florida...I don't miss the cold! ♥


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