Sunday, November 20, 2011

Swap Meet

The Swap Meet in Yuma is a bit different than the Markets...
A lot of 'second hand STUFF'....
Hubby is in his GLORY!!
I wandered around and did find...exactly what I was looking for!!
Baskets for our new bikes.... They were less that half the price of the new ones...and I got for each of us! Best find so far in Yuma!!


  1. a basket on the front of a bike is a must have!! i have a wicker one that i love, but it was 40 buck-a-roos, the hubs bought it for me.

    i picture a pretty bouquet of flowers, a big loaf of french and some other goodies peaking out of yours!!

  2. * french "bread".....i always proof-read after. really......what's the point!!

  3. The baskets are a great find. I always had a basket on the front of my bike.

  4. That is a great find! I need a basket for my bike, too! Looks like a fun shopping day! ♥

  5. cool find....looks like yall are adapting well..

  6. You guys are having so much fun - you won't want to go home! sandie

  7. Nice to meet you Dawn's Mom, Mountain Woman spilled the beans. You have a wonderful daughter and I can see where she gets her love of running, hiking and writing.
    I love the basket on my bike it is so useful and a must in the country when you find things to pick up.
    Nice to meet you. I will be back. B


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