Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Court, Discs, Cue, Scoreboard

Today we played it for the first time.. 
I've been told, it's a game for 'older' people?
I think any age would enjoy it... 
maybe you just have to get smart enough to play the game...
that's why mainly 'older' people play it?
What do you think??


  1. I agree - smart and rich. They play it on cruise ships too! sandie

  2. I haven't played it, but my husband has. (He made breakfast this morning, so I got to blog read earlier than usual!) Hubby says shuffleboard is like curling on an unfrozen surface without brooms. I would imagine the disks in shuffleboard are lighter than the rocks too!

  3. sounds like fun, i love any kind of game!!

  4. i'm laughing at you. so did they card you when you tried to play? i don't think you're near old enough!

  5. I played this before----back when I was MUCH younger than I am now. I also prayed croquet and badminton and horse shoes. Wonder if those are for the older generation as well? Probably because they entertain without using all the high tech electronics so in favor with YOUNG people now.

    I think you should enjoy the dickens out of it!!
    OH!! I can see by the pics you ARE!

  6. I just have to be wiser to play....

  7. I prefer tiddledeewinks and Old Maid. :)

  8. I like the way you think, Flora. I think its about making different choices between brains and brawn in our activities.

    hugs, Pam :)


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