Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful # 2

November oldest Grandson's birthday. I remember the day he was born so well!! He was born early in the morning. I still remember driving to the hospital. I spent the whole day just holding him! He was my first grandchild...born to my first born!

This year he turned 17.
I always wanted to be home for my grandchildren's birthdays....but as it worked out this year we were south.

Thankfully his family took a little holiday, close to where we were and we were able to celebrate his day with him!
My daughter made yummy subs and we had lunch together.
The men went for a round of golf!
The women visited by the lake and watched the waterplay!
We all went out for supper...
Grandson has his cake complete with 17 candles!

'When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. '
 ~Joyce Brothers

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  1. What a wonderful day. You are really blessed!

  2. a familiar family, with a wonderful spirit!!

    birthday blessing to your grandson, it's just wonderful you were able to see him!!

    those boys look like they were born in the sea!!

  3. How wonderful that your family was able to celebrate your grandson's 17th Birthday together, Flora.
    Making memories to last a lifetime with family is priceless.

  4. That is great that you were able to spend his birthday looks like it was a lovely day! Thanks for linking up!

  5. oh, so cool that you were able to get together to celebrate and have fun!

  6. Something about great people and November 8. Yesterday was my Dad's birthday and a dear friend's too.

    So wonderful you all got to be together to celebrate your grandson's 17th!

  7. That is so nice you all managed to spend the time together.
    Where does the time go - it goes far too quickly for my liking.

  8. Hi! I am here by way of Nancy at A Rural Journal. I am so happy to meet you and to be your newest follower. :)

  9. How great to be able to spend this special day together. :)

  10. Happy Birthday to your handsome grandson...

  11. Awe what a wonderful and handsome grandson you have my dear! sandie

  12. He looks like a wonderful young man. I have a son that age so my heart is right there with your celebration!

  13. How dear and wonderful!! I can actually FEEL the glow of family pride all the way down here in Texas!! You are so blessed!

  14. Awe, how wonderful you got to be able to be there for his birthday...He's a very handsome young man.


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