Monday, November 14, 2011

This and That Musings

I was sitting with hubby...we were getting ready to go out. I was about to ask him if what I was wearing...looked okay...did it make me look fat...Before the words came out... I looked at what he was wearing. I realized that not once has he asked me if what he was wearing made him look fat...or if he looked okay. He knows what he likes to wear...he wears it...that is that!

Hmmm I wonder if there are men out there who has ever asked...if what they were wearing made them look fat? do these boots look with these pants...?

Back home...when we go shopping more places than not...we have to pay for our bags. I try to remember to bring my own really gets me when I have to pay for a plastic bag.

We have been south for two weeks...
I pulled these out from under the counter..
They filled a large plastic bag..
These are the plastic bags I have from shopping... I didn't have to pay anything for them!!
 If you counted the bags I have 'used' for garbage... I would have a lot more bags...

I was thinking it was time to throw some away...but remembered a pattern I have back home for plastic bags... I'll have to get the work on that!


  1. Yeah why is it us girls have to ask that question. Maybe we should just wear what WE want. Easier said than done.
    Oh it so annoys me when I forget a bag and I have to pay for one. Some of our shops charge and some don't.

  2. What kind of pattern?? I am interested in that!
    NO.....that does NOT make you look fat!!!

  3. some grocery stores have recycle bins available where you can bring them back - don't throw them away!

  4. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Oh my...too funny. And there are things I want to say but I will have to email you;)
    I know about the bags....we came home from there with triple the bags we would ever get here. And I even brought 2 of my own:D
    luv you xx

  5. I can't believe you have to pay for plastic grocery bags! Unreal!

  6. We carry our own shopping bag, but we need a few plastic ones to clean-up after our dog.

  7. Plastic bags do tend to multiply. I take canvas bags in for my groceries and often refuse a plastic bag if I can simply carry my purchase.

    The Walmart in my community collects used plastic bags for recycling. You might check the one in your area.

  8. have you ever stood on line in a coffee shop, early morning and just observed!! the "girls" look and smell amazing, the men stink and have bed hair. they look like they rolled from bed to clothes and out the door in under 5 minutes!! just an observation!!

    in our area we recycle those bags or use reuseables. i have heard the canvas reuseable bags have been tested and are often contaminated with germs.

    i have never heard of charging for them...but i think recycling them is important.

  9. We don't have to pay for our bags (yet), but we do get 5 cents for every paper bag we bring to the store to reuse.

  10. Oh man that's not cool to have to pay for your grocery bags. I do recycle mine as garbage bags for the small cans. Hope you enjoyed your time away.

  11. We have reusables. We just need to get in the habit of putting them back in the car after we unpack them! They usually get used when there are enough plastic bags to fill one of the shopping bags, so we grab them and take the plastic ones to the recycle bin at the store and then we shop with the reusable ones. But then forget to put them back in the car and it starts all over.

    Biggest drawback to the bag of bags is one of our cats loves to play with them and more than once when we're out, we come home to plastic bags all over the kitchen!

  12. lol men just get dressed and don't think another thing about...but us women we torture ourselves...and our loved ones...

  13. FYI---no self-respecting man will ever ask that question. It wouldn't even OCCUR to them! :)

  14. Men never ask that question - are you kidding. lol And we waste a lot of things here don't we - hopefully most of us recycle. sandie


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