Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am counting my Blessings as I celebrate another Thanksgiving Holiday this year!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends!

To my family and friends back home...
we love you and miss you ...
and wish you were here!
See you soon....
(credit for picture of 'home' goes to my daughter)


  1. lucky you! get to experience the best of both worlds! happy thanksgiving, flora!

  2. Thank you so much and I hope you will have a great day in Canada too.

  3. Happy Day to you....miss you too! Eat more turkey for us:))

  4. Beautiful sunset picture. I love sunsets here. Looks like home has a lot of snow now - more shoveling to do when we get there. Meanwhile, we'll enjoy the sunshine. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

  5. Brrr! I'd be glad I wasn't home too if I was in your shoes! Happy American Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving II.

  6. looks like your in the right place flora....hope you had a wonderful day!!

  7. I love your sunset, palm trees are something I have yet to see and one day I will. So far this winter hasn't been too bad, we had about a week or so of horrid weather but this past week it's been above zero most days.


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