Monday, July 18, 2011

Antique Stores and such....

Everyone once in awhile we find ourselves visiting antique and second hand stores. 
Hubby looks for old tools and I just look. 
A few things I picked up....

Cost $40.00
Sometimes I find something I think I can't live without... 
This tin picnic basket was one of those things... I love the look...
but even after hubby bartered...we probably paid too much...
Bought in Peachland B.C.

Cost $8.00 
This butter dish I found, I love depression dishes.
Now we don't have butter in the squares that fit in it was hard to use unless I cut my butter to fit. 
The past couple years we have found ourselves visiting the US a couple times a year, so now I stock up with US butter and use this dish constantly. Found in Leavensworth WA.

Cost $15.00
I found these three jars...that matched my butter dish. So I had to have them! 
 (found them in Helena MT)
Cost $35.00
In Oacoma, South Dakota I found these trays...I had a hard time deciding on them...but they have been a great buy. They fold flat and fit perfectly in our RV. The great debate is...keep them 'old' or repaint them..?

I was out for my morning walk, past the second hand store and saw these chairs in the window...they looked like metal antique chairs...and the price was right... 
I thought they would go good with my metal trays...
Cost $4.00 each

I went into the store and said I will take those two chairs in the window... 
When I got them...they were plastic...and from....IKEA...hmmm well the price was right and they may not be antiques...but we do use them!

 Do you enjoy shopping for antiques or second hand things?


  1. wow. wouldn't have figured those chairs to be plastic and new. :)

    i love the jars and matching butterdish. sad that you have to come to the US for stick butter tho. but at least you can use it!

  2. Oh my goodness...Those are some awesome finds...I love, love, love, them all. Can you tell I love antiques? hubby looks for old tools when we go to antique shops too.

  3. Oh I love those green did good:) And keep the trays and paint them.

  4. It is fun to go through antique and second-hand stores. Your purchases are great, especially the glassware.

    I'm curious, how is butter sold in Canada if not in sticks?

  5. I love the picnic basket! It would look so cute on top of the fridge! And the three little jars and butter dish are very nice! I love finding shopping for never know what you will find so it's SO much fun! ♥

  6. great finds.....i enjoy these posts so much but rarely go antiquing.

    i love the butter dish!!!

  7. I got after my husband for picking up three old wooden picknic baskets this weekend. $2.00 each. What in the world am I going to do with 3 big picnic baskets? Lol!

  8. you asked on my blog if the alpaca's ever spit, so far, not on me!!!

  9. great finds....when you come to Texas there are a lot of nice state parks to visit...

  10. Ummm....if you look real close, the 3 jars and butter dish have a jiffy-markered name on them. Initials "D.J"
    And have you also noticed that the main part of your great finds are from the U.S.of A.????

  11. hmmm I'll have a look for the jiffy marker...AND do you wonder why the Great Finds are from the U.S. of A??? YOU KNOW ME :) :)


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