Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Swimming Pool

For the past three years we have put up a swimming pool. 
And every fall we wonder if it was worth it? 
Usually the end of May we have some warm days and we put our pool up.. June came and rain came and the weather never got hot...so this is what our pool looked like the end of June...

 But then...we had A hot day... so we set that pool up!

After set up we have to let it warm up... pool temperature was 11C..
then the rains came and the floods came... 
The 3 days it didn't rain we were away... We had 11 days of rain... 
days of checking the pool, running the filter...and we wonder 
The pool is a balmy 22 C. The sun is out and oh how relaxing!
The kids come over and make memories...

We have a splashing time!... even if its only a few times during the season.... 
Makes us think all that work is worth it!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! We are not having much of a summer here yet!...but I agree, a few fun days in the water could definately make it worth it! Enjoy!

  2. Last one in the pool's a rotten egg!

    That looks so inviting in this heat wave!

  3. Well we had a heat wave...(27C for 3 days...) Now its rain again :)

  4. Oh, definitely worth it! I love being in water when it's hot out.!

  5. With no A/C in our home I keep telling Mr that we neeeeeeeeed to get a pool.

  6. Yes, the memories, smiles, and laughs are worth the work.

  7. most definately worth it....

  8. For sure it's worth it! What a wonderful way to cool off. Enjoy the rest of the week and I hope you get plenty more pool days before this summer is done... or begins! lol


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