Friday, July 15, 2011


Are ready....

Nothing tastes better than fresh strawberries from your garden.

I found a new recipe online that I tried out on the grand kids and they loved it...
Peanut Butter Squares and Fresh Strawberries...?
You can check out the recipe.
It actually was a nice to change to the regular strawberry shortcake that you make!

How do you like eating strawberries? 


  1. Yummm, strawberries fresh from the garden... don't even wash them, just pick and eat as you go, that's the BEST way to eat them! Where did you say you live? lol Have a fantastic Friday Flora!

  2. There's nothing like it that's for sure. We just planted 500 strawberry plants this spring and have been picking the blooms off. We missed a few days when the grand kids were here and my husband picked a bowl full of strawberries that grew. They were so yummy!

  3. fresh and ripe. or smushed over vanilla ice cream. :)

  4. they have to be fresh, ripe & sprinkled with sugar. i almost always do the tradional strawberry shortcake, with store bought poundcake.

    i will be saving this recipe, sounds really good!!

  5. I am one of the strange ones.....I don't like strawberries:) so chocolate covered ones I can eat since they are covered up with a stronger taste and texture.

  6. Great minds think alike...I almost put up a Strawberry Post:))
    I like mine as ice cream, on angel food cake, just plain, in pie, as a sauce, in milkshakes,.....oh Any Old Way is good:)
    Hugs....luv ya.

  7. Well Darlin... I do eat as I pick! Judy about 30 plants were planted in my garden compliments of my daughter. This was about 3 years ago...every year we get a handful...but this year we have BUCKETS!! Thank you sweetie for those plants! Like I said I like them fresh...nothing added the BEST! and Changes in the Wind... at least you can enjoy strawberries with chocolate :)

  8. Basically, I like mine pure---straight into the the old maw with no sugar---just the strawberry and my mouth savoring the rich, ripe fruit.

    But then, of course there is homemade ice cream with the mushy, over-ripe berries providing the flavor...oh yeah, babe....

  9. ohhh yum!!! i just love to eat them plain!

  10. I LOVE FRESH STRAWBERRIES - you know to wash them really good don't you?


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