Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wanna Go on a Train Ride?

Alberta Prairie Steam Tours Ltd. have a number of Train Rides, from Murder Mystery to Teddy Bear Train Rides. Some for adults and some for families. Well it so happens that we have been on a few different ones, but the one we have experienced the most is the Teddy Bear Train Ride as we have taken all our grandchildren on this trip! I think we have now had our last Teddy Bear Train Ride...wanna come along on our last one? We head on over to Stettler Alberta! Don't forget your Teddy Bear...if your under 10 years old you get on free with your Teddy Bear!
We will be heading to Big Valley, the trip takes about 1 1/2 hours. 
We travel between 15 - 18 miles an hour. 
We board the train ...cowboys come along on this trip!
We had great entertainment...and some enjoyed it more than others!   
Bandits came...and we were robbed... but after a good gun fight the good guys recovered the money!
We had a delicious roast beef dinner...
All the Teddy Bears were promenaded around the train.

Big Valley was once a booming train town. In the early 1900's the town was booming with a population of over 1000 people. Now the population is 325.
This is the ruins of a 14 stall roundhouse.

Six hours later we are back in Stettler. Hope you enjoyed the trip!


  1. what a great adventure for the kiddos!

  2. how fun! thanks for taking us along with you!!!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful outing for kids and adults.

  4. I would LOVE to go on this train ride! And I have teddy bears and dollies I could bring along! lol We haven't ridden a train in years...sounds like such fun! ♥

  5. sounds super fun for everyone....i love train rides and the comforting sound of a train whistle.

  6. What a great time. It seems so odd to me (an old guy) that so many of today's youth have never been on a train trip. How sad.

  7. Okay now - I thought that clown was awesome.

  8. Hmmm cowboys you say eh? I think I might have to take a train ride sometime in the near future! lol I've heard about these train rides, have you been on the murder mystery one?

    Your granddaughter sure looks like she was having a good time, it sounds like such a fun trip. Maybe once my granddaughter is older I can take her on one. Thank you for sharing your Teddy Bear train ride with us!

  9. Great trip...thanks for taking us along.

  10. Looks and sounds like you all had a fun time!

  11. Yes i enjoyed very much soo! I'm glad you did too!



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