Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dog House

Our youngest grandson has been wanting to build their new dog a dog house. 
So Pops spent an afternoon with him...

Pops is a stickler for plans....
Drilling nail pilot holes...
Hammering begins...

It's going together fast!
Almost there...
All in an afternoon!!!
Now we can take it home to shingle it and paint it!!
Pops just needs more days like that he is retired!


  1. This is fantastic, great job! What a blessing for both Pops and grandson, things like this are the best lessons in life and warms the heart the most!

  2. i love it that he's passing on his skills to the grandkids. what better way to learn than hands-on and with a loving guide and teacher.

  3. Some wonderful memories were also built that afternoon. Your grandson will remember building that dog house for the rest of his life.

  4. What a awesome experience for your grandson...

  5. :) What a sweet grandson you have there;)))
    Thank you for all the time you invest in them. It means more than you know!
    You can tell POPs that it is all painted and we just need to get Duke to go in it:))
    luv ya

  6. when i saw the title & the first picture of the boy, i thought, "oh no, he's in the dog house" (i.e. in trouble) so this could not have been better. funny how we sometimes jump to conclusions.

    wonderful grandpa....passing on his skills & his love. you captured the day well!!!

  7. My husband loves working like this with the grandkids. Wonderful job they did.

  8. Holy cow! I'm impressed. In fact, that would be an understatement. I couldn't build that if you gave me six months.

  9. I wondered if that was for Duke. I hope it's big enough. :)

    Great job and it's a beautiful house.

  10. what a great dog house....I love the last photo..

  11. Impressive work, what a great skill to pass along to the Grandson, would love to see the finished product as I know they both will be proud.


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