Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Little Things

I sometimes wonder, after all,
Amid this tangled web of fate,
If what is great may not be small,
And what is small may not be great.
So wondering I go my way,
Yet in my heart contentment sings . . .
O may I ever see, I pray,
God's grace and love in Little Things.
Robert William Service

Life's made up of little things,
no great sacrifice or duty,
but smiles and many a cheerful word
fill up our lives with beauty.

The heartaches, as they come and go,
are but blessings in disguises,
for time will turn the pages o'er
and show us great surprises.
 Mary R. Hartman


  1. I agree...This is a beautiful post!

  2. Lovely. The last photo made my heart melt. So sweet. :)

  3. such pretty words....

    that last one is really wonderful!!!

  4. Great truth's and great pictures to match.

  5. Very beautiful...calming and sweet! ♥


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