Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lots of Water Under the ...Restaurant...

It was the fall of 1973 and we were celebrating our First Wedding Anniversary. 
We visited Coeur d'Alene Id. and went to a Floating Restaurant for supper.

Thirty Eight plus- years later we were passing thru and stopped for the night at a RV park...
and what did we see. . .  a Floating Restaurant...the one we had visited in 1973 right beside the RV Park!

I remember 1973... I was 6 months pregnant. Hubby called this off the phone and said...
I don't know if we should eat there. They serve Frogs??? 
Well it ended up it was Prawns... We had never heard of 'prawns' before!!

A lot has happened in the last 38 years...but it was fun to visit the restaurant after all these years...

A wonderful evening started our holidays!


  1. Does it float and stay or float and move to different locations?

    Happy anniversary!

  2. ooohhhh how cool....i love the pictures!!!

    happy anniversary!!!

  3. Isn't the Coeur d'Alene area beautiful?

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. What a handsome couple you two make. And how cool that you got to spend another anniversary on the floating restaurant. :)


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