Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On the road home...

Well our short trip was a splash!!
But we had to head home..
Have you ever noticed that summer time 
Road Construction is always happening? 
Traffic is not only heavier than normal...
but it's slower because of the construction?
 In our country I realize that summer is the only time they can do it..
but what a way to wreck a beautiful drive!
 I guess roads have to be improved...mountains have to be blasted...

On this trip we go through a pass with a number of snow sheds. 
Every trip we think.. how many are there? 
I think it's seven...but somehow we always lose count...then when we do get the number...
next trip we aren't it 6 or 7 sheds through here? 
So I was driving home and I said to hubby...take a picture of each one...then we will know...
well you have to know my picture of a shed is not enough...he needs one of every I have 30 pictures of sheds... so much for that!
 Is there anyone out there who many snow sheds on the Roger's Pass?

some are quite dark..others have light...
Wonder what it would be like to get caught in one? 
Daughter's saw bears...we weren't that lucky..but did see mountain goats. . .
 Stopped at Banff for supper...
That's it for our road trip thanks for coming along...


  1. have never heard of snow sheds. bridges to avoid heavy snow fall areas?

  2. Flora according to Scenic Canada there are only 5 snow sheds, "Avalanches are common in the Roggers Pass and there are 5 snow-sheds along the Trans Canada Highway to protect the roadway from the constant snow slides, I retrieved this from here . I personally haven't been through Rogers Pass in many years so I'm no help other than to pull it up on my computer.

    I love the photos, I had to laugh when you mentioned that hubby took tons of photos, that defeated your purpose! Enjoy your day and thank you for taking us on your trip!

  3. That is so daughter was reading my blog and said Mom...they aren't call snow sheds...then she read Texwisgirl's comment and I was thinking well what are they called...and if you check Darlin's link (thank you for that!!... I just never have time to check out the 'facts' LOL) They are Snow Sheds...but Darlin... I am sure there are more than 5...5 on one side of summit and I am thinking 2 on the other...maybe 2 aren't in the pass?? Who am I to disagree with the 'fact sheet'?? :) :)

  4. still a fun trip......

    traffic here at the jersey shore, one word.....uuuuuuggggggg, makes me crazy!!!

  5. I didn't know what shed bridges are either!

  6. We have road construction here too. I'm loving the comments here :)

  7. Okay for all you people who don't know what Snow Sheds are ...they are built on a road by a mountain that is prone to avalanches. So if there is an avalanche it keeps the snow off the road. So it is possible in the winter to be caught in one of these snow sheds...

  8. If I ever get out that way I'll count them just for you! ;-) Have a wonderful day.

  9. I'm sure they serve an important purpose, but personally, I find them rather ugly. Maybe a different paint color? :)

  10. I have absolutly no idea! haha but your hubby sounds like my father in law!

    And i have been in Banff! long long time ago ;-)

  11. Thank you for the pictures! It has been a long time since I was in that area and looking at your pictures brought back many memories.

    I'm so grateful I don't live in an area that needs snow sheds!!! I smiled with your suggestion that a different color of paint might help.


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