Thursday, October 13, 2011

Traditions and such

I remember going into this cookie jar as a little girl...

This was the bowl mom made bread in...
I loved eating the dough and got to scrape out anything left in the bowl 
while the bread was rising on the table.
I love the memories of home as a little girl. 

There were also meals that mom made...
not to often, as they were a lot of work... 
She would make Plum Klose. It was a big ordeal.
She made the dough.
cut the dough,
pitted the plums...
then after they were placed on the squares of dough, 
she added sugar and then you had to pinch them closed....
I didn't get to pinch to often...
as they had to be pinched tight!
Then you had to boil them,
drain them,
 and top them with a sauce made of bacon and cream.

Every once in awhile I like to make this meal for my grandkids (and kids)....
I like them to experience the process.
Some cut the squares...washed and pitted the plums....
 placed the plums and sugared them...
and I let them pinch them shut! 
Here they are ready to boil!
It's a funny sort of meal...but it is fun to do. 

Hopefully my grandkids will have fond memories of making Plum Klose and will someday pass the tradition down to their children....
guess I better get a recipe written down!

Do you have a family recipe that you enjoy making?


  1. I don't cook much anymore, but several years ago favorite family recipes were combined into a cookbook for a reunion. Now everyone has access to those wonderful recipes. My nephew sometimes asks, "How do you make Grandma Rosie's _______?" Often my reply is, "It's in the book." My niece compiled and prepared the recipes for the book. She used old family photos as the dividers for the sections and included some family history, too. The book is a treasure in many ways.

  2. You are a great grandma...passing down the memories.

  3. I have a bowl that my grandma made bread in and now I use it to make bread. Your plum klose sound yummy! I make Nisu which is a Finnish cardamon bread or rolls.

  4. Looks like the work is - and WAS - so worth it in the memories made! Every year my kids and grandkids make sugarplums. Messy but traditional. We have been making them since 1969!

  5. i have made my mother's German red-headed wedding dumplings on a couple of occasions and shared them with folks here in Texas that had never heard of them before. :)

  6. I like your new blog look....looks like a great recipe...

  7. That's a real production line you have got going there. I bet they enjoyed it though.

  8. Sweet memories and treasured moments in time are a blessing, aren't they Flora. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories.

    hugs and smiles across the miles,
    Pam :D

  9. That looks like a lot of work. How fortunate your grandkids are that you're sharing the tradition with them.

  10. Oh my gosh I bet they had a fantastic time - I wish I had memories like that. Funny I made bread - it is rising now - for the first time in my life.



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