Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vintage Toys

I was the youngest of 4 girls...
but somehow...
I have the following toys from my childhood.

I remember there being two of these motorcycles... 
I have one.

I think this came out of my Dad's garage....

This was MY gas truck...
Like I said ...I was the 4th girl:) 
At the side there is a hose for filling up the tanks. 
My grandsons all enjoyed playing with this!

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  1. I love your old toys...especially that truck! It's so much fun to have this stuff around! I love AND old! ♥

  2. I don't remember those - but how nice you have them. sandie

  3. my favorites were the wooden barn and farm animals, the tractor and hay wagon and the dump truck. :)

  4. My sister and brother in law would love your 'toys.' Mike is a big collector and has nearly every toy from his childhood! He loved - and still loves - dinosaurs! We didn't have many toys as a child. You must have lots of happy memories. ;)

  5. I love your old dump truck. Now that's been a part of some happy times. You can just tell it was loved, as with the other old toys too. Thanks for sharing them with us. Nice collection.

  6. Your childhood toys are so sweet. How lucky you are to still have them with you and now your grandsons can enjoy them too.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS! I remember playing with those:D
    So glad you still have them!!!

  8. played with the Motorcycle at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

  9. I think it's great that you still have them.

    My hubby saved all his toy cars, trucks and tractors from when he was just a lad and my girls all played with them and loved them. They would spend hours with them having fun. I wonder if the next generation will play with them too.

  10. Great toys from your childhood. I love the gas truck. I would imagine there are lots of collectors that would find these fantastic too! These types of toys are getting hard to find. Happy VTT!

  11. These metal trucks would bring quite a premium price--they are so special. I keep my eye out for them every shopping trip.
    Happy VTT

  12. Sometimes girls find boys' toys more fascinating than a doll. Nothing worng with your choices of toys.

  13. you must remember you where dad's little boy.xo

  14. Wonderful vintage toys! That's something I DON'T have from childhood...most have been downsized during frequent moves. How fun!

  15. Hello Flora,
    What great toys! I think my favourite is the dump truck although they are all unique. I am so happy that you came by and thank you for your nice comment and becoming a Follower. I am Canadian too and I'm following you back. Have a lovely day.


  16. I was the second of four girls -- and we had our share of trucks and baseballs and other boy toys. Love that you've kept them all these years and that your own grands like to play with them. :)


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