Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Middle of the night. .

After seeing 1:00 am, 2:00 am...
at 3:00 am I got to work. . .
By 4:00 am I was able to go to sleep.

Do you ever have nights like that?


  1. Don't you just hate nights when you can't sleep. I had one the other night so I just got up and read a book at 4am. Felt rotten the next day too!!! At least you were productive.

  2. always.....they can put a man on the moon but no one has figured out how to put a woman over 50 to sleep!!

  3. If something is bugging me or if there's something I "need" to do, I can't sleep a wink until I at least get it on paper or a computer file so I have all the details my brain thinks I need to have to tackle it in the morning.

    (and I'm still a little under 50!) ;)

  4. Been there and do that but I guess we all have at one time or another.
    As my Mom use to say 'it ain't funny Mcgee'.


  5. Yes, ma'am. Usually means I drank coffee too late in the day. Ugh.

  6. Yes, I have many nights like this..........but I love them.......some of my best design ideas come from these nights!Blessings,Kathleen

  7. You are going to hate me - but no - I am able to sleep and it is one thing I am very grateful for.


  8. All the time. I cannot sleep and not sure why. I can tell you every hour. Sometimes I just get up a while and go back to bed. Then when morning comes, I want to sleep. Of course, it could be age in my case.

  9. Hello! I am leaving this comment because I can not find your email address. Please email me via the contact me button on my blog. I need your mailing address and I need to send you the questionnaire to fill out for the swap asap. Thanks so much!!

    ......yes, know what you mean....I am up way too often!!


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