Monday, October 3, 2011

For the Birds

Canada Goose 
why is it called a 'Canada' Goose?

I think they smell food...

Okay guys...the bread is all gone!
 (we made sure it was whole grain!)

Please go swim with the other birds....


  1. Flora the first photo reminded me immediately of Mother Goose! I sure can see fall depicted in your shots, soon enough the geese will be migrating... I don't like it when they leave because I just know what follows them leaving. Tis the season! Enjoy your week!

  2. the girls are trapped! :) i know domestic geese can be aggressive - i guess wild ones are no different!

  3. I love your goose pictures. I haven't been to Hawrlak park yet this fall but I bet it's teeming with them.

  4. So why are they Canadian Geese? teehee sandie

  5. some of them can get pretty ornery when it comes to least here in the U.S. :)


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