Monday, October 24, 2011

Community Project....

Back In February I did a post on the Sewing Studio

The second year I taught I thought it would be good for students to work on a Community Project to give away. The first project I had students do, was for a group in town that needed Baby Quilts. 
Each class worked on a quilt. . .
Here are a couple of the quilts students made. 
Six quilts were made in all.
One year we made aprons for the Seniors Home Cooking Class.

Another year bags for Mexico to be filled with gifts.

The last project we started was 4 years ago. The students started working on a Rag Quilt to be sent to Mexico. I thought this project would never be just seemed students were too busy to work on the year it never got worked on....but finally... its complete. 
It ended up being 2 quilts instead of it became to large to handle! 
The quilts are now washed are ready to go to Mexico this coming January! 
Next sewing session...we can start on a new project!!

I am joining Secret Santa!
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  1. What a wonderful why for the children to not only learn how to sew and be creative, they also learn to be compassionate.

  2. It is important for children to do service projects. Kudos to you and the students for the projects they finished.

  3. wow, what a great way to learn and do something kind at the same time! :)

  4. Great project! Beautiful work!

  5. that is a great project...your never too young to learn about community service...

  6. This is such a fantastic idea, great job getting the children involved and teaching them to give to those who are less fortunate. I love the quilts, sewn with love.

  7. I wish someone would have taught me to quilt - I am missing that skill - that is wonderful. Sandie

  8. What a great project for children to be part of. The quilts are looking great. I wonder if any of those girls will become quilt enthusiasts when they are older.


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