Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Frolic

Years ago we started getting together with the kids...
We had Valentine Parties, Spring Parties, Christmas Parties, Quilting Parties
any kind of a party to get together moms, gramms and the kids! 
Time passes, kids grow and we don't get together as often...
but this past week we had a fall craft day and what fun we had!
There use to be more kids...
and littler kids....
but the kids left had loads of fun!
Rooms were filled with crafts to do...
There was a feast...
No get together is complete without food!
A few of the completed crafts ....
Give thanks for children, 
and all the memories of time spent together!


  1. What fun! We with grandkids are blessed.

  2. What a great idea - a wonderful way to create memories.

  3. family fun days, there is nothing that can beat them!!

  4. I love my grand-kids too - nothing like them. sandie

  5. gosh, this is wonderful! love it so much!


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