Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flower Beds Finale...

It's that time of year . . . most of my perennials have finished their flowering,
 the annuals are fading. 
The only little bright spot in my flower beds are the flowers that I planted from seed. 
Since our summer is so short I usually don't have much luck with flowers from seed..
but the Cosmos are starting and even have visitors.
The sweet peas are growing. . .
There's alway been something about Sweet Peas that I love..
 the scent of them in the house is wonderful...


  1. Pretty, pretty, I just love cosmos and if you dead-head them they last a long time.

  2. Would love to try to grow some of those sweet peas...

  3. Your flowers are wonderful and I love the sweet peas.

  4. The sweet peas are beautiful in your vase! I've never grown them and didn't realize how fragrant they are! ♥

  5. Our cosmos have been doing well for a couple of months now. They are so pretty. And love your sweet peas. A beautiful bouquet. :)

  6. Nooooo please say it's not so, even though my flowers are pretty much done as well. I missed summer, what happened to it?

    The flowers you still have are lovely and what a nice touch to add them to your table, I can almost smell the Sweet Peas from here. ;-)


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