Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cape Kiwanda - Lincoln City

We spent a day at the beach at Cape Kiwanda.
 Cape Kiwanda is a sandstone headland that reaches half a mile out to the sea.
So relaxing to sit and listen to the waves!

On the side of the beach was this "Sand Hill"
It called out to be away we went...
Might as well go straight up...
Half way was harder than I thought..
Phff... I'm at the top...
Now the views from the top were beautiful....

In the distance you can see Pacific City and the river that runs through it!

We continued south and arrived in Lincoln City. 
They have a great Outlet Mall! 
We found out that "Float Fairies" plant glass floats along the beach. 
If you find one you get to keep it! 
They are signed and numbered so you can find out all about the artist who made it! 
They have around 7 miles of have fun beach combing!


  1. oh, thanks for sharing the climb and subsequent views with us! neat!

  2. The hill didn't look that high in the first photo, but the one looking down really shows the height. Love the views from the top - gorgeous photos.

  3. wow, great views and blues!! that sand looks amazing!!

  4. okay, okay...i'm officially jealous :) i can imagine that hill of sand was challenging!! what a view though!

  5. It looks like it would be HARD to walk in that sand! But the view is amazing! They had floats hidden around when we visited Jekyll Island, GA last year! I looked and looked! It would have been neat to find one!♥


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