Monday, August 15, 2011

One more....

I thought I was finished with my holiday post...but I have to share this find. We went home along the Sawtooth Scenic By-Way. Scenic it was ...over summits.

 We hit a section of road that followed right beside the river, it was narrow and was very curvy. 
Up ahead of us we saw steam coming out of the side of the river....Hot Springs, who would of ever thought..
Alexander Ross and his Hudson Bay Fur Trappers were the first white men to visit these Hot Springs. His diary states they camped beside the boiling water, on October 1, 1824. (A believe me...some of it is boiling!)
There is a stone Bathhouse built in 1937 that still stands. 
It is used today for people to change if they want to take a dip in the springs. Rocks have been laid to make little pools for people to enjoy.
You can have a good foot soak...if you forgot your swim suit...
Or you can get right in there and soak every inch...
This topped our off our second last day traveling home! 


  1. That is so cool!, I mean...HOT!

  2. I love to discover these surprises while traveling. It makes a routine trip an adventure.

  3. AWESOME! Did you go in - all the way?

  4. I'd say it's time for a road trip, this looks so inviting and I know my body would LOVE it. Too bad there's not enough summer left to do something spontaneous and go for it!

    Wonderful scenery and excellent photos Flora!


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