Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tillamook & Cape Lookout

We love our cheese...over the past couple of years when we have visited the U.S.A., we have brought home Tillamook cheese. I never realized until now that Tillamook was a city on the Oregon Coast! It is located in dairy country...and believe me, when you get there....you know it's dairy country :)

You can take a tour of the factory ....
And see how they make the cheese...
These are the vaults that the milk goes in...the curds are separated from the whey.
 These big guys are going in to be aged..
Isn't it funny...cheese gets better with age...
Once it's aged...it gets cut, packaged...and each package gets checked...
well sorta... I don't know how she keeps up with them!
  Then you get to sample the cheese......forgot to get pictures...how did I manage that:?
(I think I was sampling too much!)
But then we had to have ice cream... we haven't had any for....
 I think 5 days....
It was the best I ever tasted... Mine had Whole Pecans...and lot of them!

From Tillamook we continued south on the scenic road to Cape Lookout. 
There you can hike out on a peninsula.

You are on a narrow path above the ocean. The views are amazing!

As we continued down to Pacific City...we turned a corner and saw these sand dunes.
 I have seen sand dunes...but don't think I have seen them with evergreens on them?


  1. i'm still partial to Wisconsin cheese... :)

    and those blues and views are spectacular!

  2. Tillamook cheese is the way to go...always!
    Isn't Tillamook icecream the best? I'm so glad you're enjoying my state :-)

  3. I love travellin' with y'all. Gorgeous views. The cheese and ice cream sounds wonderful....

  4. Texwisgirl. never heard of Wisconsin cheese? Will give it a try when we get to Texas one day!

    Julie we have never really explored Oregon but loved it. Drive across Central Oregon home was beautiful!

    Clint glad to 'take you along' always worry travel blogs go on to much sometimes?..

  5. beautiful views...i adore "eating" my way through a vacation, ice cream is a must!!!

    i have never heard of tillamook cheese!!!

  6. It's been years since I visited the Oregon coast! I would LOVE to go back! This looks like a perfect place to visit...and have a snack, too! I love the view of the ocean...WOW!!! I would want to get down to the water and get my feet wet! ♥

  7. what??? we missed the cheese and ice cream too? that's it! we are going back! :D

  8. Those blue pictures are so blue - I love that color!!!

    And I have never had any of that cheese, but I am going to have to look for it - we may not have it here in GA!

  9. As a dairy farmer all i can say: WHOOOOHOOOOOOO GREAT POST!!!!



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