Thursday, August 11, 2011

Depoe Bay- Newport-Florence

A bit further south, we arrived at Depoe Bay. 
It is a delightful place. 
Here they have the world's largest spouting horns that shoots geysers 40 feet 
or more above the sea wall in the winter at high tide!
It is also the site of the world's smallest navigable harbour.

It is a fishing town, and a great place to whale watch.
We didn't see any whales, 
but we got to watch a catch of fish being cleaned.

Along the sea wall they have delightful shopping
 all in view of the ocean

After crossing this bridge,
We continued on down the 101. . .(yes this is the highway.)

We arrived in Newport and visited two areas that you must see here. 
Nye Beach area, I found this area reminded me of San Francisco with it's rolling hills.
The Nye Beach area has been attracting visitors since the late 1800's.

Another district of Newport is the Bayfront, a working waterfront.
Here we saw a family catching crabs...
On the ground lies a chicken. That is the bait. In this trap they had 3 crabs.
 They can only keep the males that are over 5 1/5 inches. 
This was a lucky female. She got to go back into the ocean! 
After this... I don't think I'll eat crab again!

Tomorrow we head across the Yaquina Bay Bridge and continue south!
We past Yquina Bay Lighthouse. It is the second oldest lighthouse in Oregon. It was in service for only 3 years 1871 - 1874. It was then replaced by a brighter light nearby.
12 miles north of Florence is the Heceta Head Lighthouse.
 It was in use in 1894 and the beacon could be seen for 21 miles. 
It was rated the strongest light on the Oregon Coast. 
It now can be booked as a Bed and Breakfast.
Florence Orgeon was built on the Suislaw River. Old Town along the river is fun to visit.
We never crossed the bridge heading south at heads into Sand Dune area.
We headed east...
I have posted so much on the Oregon Coast, yet I could continue, 
but I know it gets old so we say goodbye to the ocean and 
who knows...maybe some day we will return?


  1. love the blues of the beach and bridge shots! laughed at the no more eating crab comment! ha!

  2. In your posts and photos you have recreated my last two visits to Oregon. It was fun to say, "I've been there!" and "I remember that." Thanks for dredging up my memories.

  3. what an amazing adventure....i'm having a blast!!!!

  4. Well I have enjoyed it- I have never been to the Oregon coast and it is gorgeous!

  5. you have the best vacations....

  6. I sure hope you took your time and really enjoyed the sights. Your photos make me want to get in my car and take a trip down to Oregon, it's beautiful!

  7. Have been in that area and when we were there it was overcast...maybe it just stays that way. All that fish cleaning looke like a messy affair.


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