Friday, August 5, 2011

This and That on the Ship...

I just couldn't resist...I have a few more pictures that I took on the ship I want to share...
I love the fresh flowers they have on the ship...
Chocolate Late Buffet...they start 15 minutes early...just for pictures! That swan is an ice carving.

If you get so relaxed...(watching the rain..)
And forget what day it is...just check the elevator floor....
It will tell you the day of the week...

Gorgeous outside views...

And...maybe they still make people walk the plank?
 Ice cream again, and a cookie?? Are your buttons starting to pop??
Oh well, we'll just roll off the ship!


  1. Great photos. It's fun to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

  2. I can see it would be impossible to diet in such a place. :)

  3. wowza! a chocolate biuffet and watching the rain? it doesn't get better than that!!!!!!

  4. That ice sculpture is awesome and I love the chocolate - any chocolate!

  5. Love your pics! Looks like a wonderful cruise.

  6. :)))
    oh i love it!!!
    the kids will be jealous on that last picture!:)

  7. Hey Flora! You won the Denim Book Cover from my giveaway! I can't find an email to contact you so get in touch with me leaving an address so I can mail this out to you!


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