Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Home again Home again... and here come the work..
One thing I do not do is pick raspberries, strawberries yes 
but NOT the raspberries. 
This is hubby's domain!
And he has only just begun..... now it's my use them ...
Chocolate Raspberry Brownies - Raspberry Crumble  - Raspberry Bundt Cake
Raspberry Mandarin Salad
 Okay so now I have used 6 cups of Raspberries... 
18 cups left and a couple more weeks of picking hmmm.....
Well I am so thankful we were away for the first two weeks they were ready!! 
Our children were able to enjoy them:)

If you want recipes for Raspberries I found this Raspberry Website that has lots of ideas!


  1. AWESOME.....i'll be over at 6 p.m., does that work for you1?!?! the salad looks marvelous but i am really interested in everything else!!!

  2. I absolutely love raspberries! I had never thought of looking for raspberry recipes. I just eat them and eat them as they are...sometimes on a salad. I will check out the website, Thanks. Oh, your pictures make the dishes look so good.

  3. Okay I love both raspberries and strawberries - are raspberries harder to pick?

  4. Yummmm, everything you made has my tummy grumbling now. The frozen raspberry protein shake I had last night isn't nearly as good as I'd imagined, not after just seeing your smoothies! That's sure a lot of raspberries, with a good vacuum sealer you can have a lot of Christmas baking out of the way!

  5. Home again, home again, jiggety jig! I had to say it!

    All of these recipes would be something I would like. But no raspberries. Do you deliver? :)

  6. oh lordy. they're my favorites. i'd be all over them in any form you could serve. :)

  7. What a bounty! Sure wish I lived next door. I'd beg for raspberries.

  8. You have me hungry now, how about a chocolate raspberry brownie :^)


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