Friday, March 11, 2011

Biking the Canal

It  dawned a beautiful day in the desert. And it was CALM!
Yuma has wonderful bike trails along the canals that we love to bike. The one we enjoy goes to Historic Yuma. Today was the day we would share this with Marilyn and John.
Ready to go...
One of the things we love about Yuma is the water. It is right along the Colorado River and has lots of canals. It has miles of bike trails along these canals!!
It is a beautiful relaxing bike long as it doesn't get to hot. We started early so it was perfect!
oops...Bri my tire needs air...
Those ducks are cute...but there is NO air in my tire!
Freeway 8... over the Colorado River... I heard there is good fishing here! (In case you want to bike tire is now completely only keeps air in it for about 1 mile...the green goo has all come out! But I did make it down town)
Historic Downtown Yuma
Lunch along the river
Well the day was not that exciting. I don't think Marilyn and John are interested in seeing downtown Yuma again..
Brian ended up riding my bike to Wal Mart to get a new tire. He was able to ride and fill the tire; ride and fill the tire; until he got to Wal Mart. I'm disappointed I didn't get a picture but at one point he flew around a corner the tube came off the wheel he fell but was able to come out of it unscathed. 
I now have a brand new tube, so hopefully my next bike ride ....I won't need someone to pump my tire.
But if I do I also now have my own pump on my bike. (I think everyone is tired of pumping my tires for me)


  1. Ha ha! Sounds like you're ready for the next adventure!

  2. I was hoping you ended this post with a new tire. ;)
    Looks like I'd love those trails.

  3. Wish I could have seen the fall too:)-good thing he came away unscathed-well good thing there is a happy ending and now everyone can enjoy the bike rides!!! Looks like fun!(PS this is JK-can't get on with my account!!)

  4. Looks like fun!!!! Enjoying your blog!!!

  5. Flat tires - the bane of my existence!

    You have such lovely times. I absolutely adore your love of life!


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