Saturday, March 19, 2011

This and That Nonsense

During our time with Marilyn and John we would have dessert together in the evenings. Each day one of us would bring the became quite the competition...So we decided that YOU have to decide what dessert looks the best....

Dessert #1
Dessert #2
This is the end of stories with Marilyn and John!

Full Moon

Whenever I am away...and look at the stars...I think of  my family 1000's of miles away.... yet we are looking at the same stars and moon. Good night...from  Arizona.


  1. ok order for me to properly judge these desserts I need to know the names of these desserts.....or are we judging on appearance alone? If I was going to eat a dessert I would like the #2 dessert with the top of dessert #1 plunked on the top of it....yummy...big full moon here tonight too...the kids have been commenting on it on our drives home from the show every night!!!luv ya

  2. I love cheesecake, but that top one looks interesting and exotic. :)

  3. oh boy sounds like we need a taste testing...

  4. I'm with that Dessert #1 some sort of meringue on top?
    (If it IS...I want it:)

    Nice "ending" by the way.
    Think of you way down's snowing today again. Stay there for a bit yet;)

  5. well I know I would pick #1 as I the java ice cream with a chocolate cookie and peanuts on top hm,hm however the lemon cheese cake was delicious

  6. Thank you for your comments so far... Number one is Blueberry cake, with chocolate chunk java ice cream with a chocolate cookie and peanuts on top. Number two is KEY LIME PIE (YUM!) with a rich dark chocolate side. They were both yummy and so much fun!


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