Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We arrived in Yuma to a beautiful sunset......
We meet up with my sister and brother-in-law. My sister and I couldn't resist picking some grapefruits growing behind our RV.
Yumm...they were delicious!
We decided to bike for groceries...it was about 2 km away.
The day was perfect for biking. We did hit a few spots we had to bike on dirt but it was a great ride. After shopping wouldn't you know it.... I had goat head thorns in my tires...not one but lots! Thank goodness for the tire pump Brian bought on our last trip. I am the queen of flat tires.
Two blocks later Brian was pumping John's tire, his had gone flat too. Since he didn't have the goo in his tires to plug the holes, Brian would pump air then John would fly down the road before it went flat again. We got to the turn for our RV park, but John was long gone. He has missed the turn off heading towards Mexico. Thank goodness his tire went flat ...or Brian may of never caught him.
We're looking forward to a great couple weeks with Marilyn and John!


  1. Oh My GOODNESS!!!!!! I LOVE this post!!! You guys are having soooo much fun already! Great photos...and grapefruits, and ice cream....and I'm So VERY glad you caught John before the Mexican border:))))

  2. Grapefruits just hanging in your RV park- lucky! Good thing for flat tires to save the day! I like the DQ double fister:) Glad you are having fun!!!!

  3. Oh I can SO see Dawn's spunk and energy and impishness all thru you! You are a joy!

  4. Those grapefruits look good:) you sure have very exciting bike rides:)))

  5. wow yall are having a great trip love all the photos...


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