Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sunrise Cross Country Run At Old Tucson

I am not a runner. In 2005 I could not run a block. Slowly but surely I have tried to enjoy running. I can now say I love the 'after feeling' of a run and that keeps me running.
I found this run in looked like something that would be fun...
The trip to Old Tucson was a scenic drive.
As well as a 4 mile cross country run, they had a 1 mile walk thru Old Tucson Studio. 
Marilyn and John signed up for the walk.

We got our numbers....and off we go.....
I have never ran cross country...I have ran only on cement so this run was a bit of a challenge....down desert paths...
Running on gravel rocky roads...
Up hills, past cactus, thru horse manure...It truly was a beautiful run! As I was finishing the 3rd mile I was approaching Old Tucson Studios. They were playing the Lone Ranger theme song....that boosted my energy into the park!
Only one half of mile left.... I am going to make it!
I know for you runners out there...that time isn't great but for me.... I have never ran that fast in my life!
(Thanks Bri...for being my personal photographer! )
Almost done their walk
We had a yummy southwestern breakfast!
This is a run that I would recommend to anyone....of all ages. 
If you have never heard of Old Tucson Studios it is where a lot of westerns were filmed.  John Wayne movies, Little House on the Prairie even more recent films. It is a wonderful place to visit. They have gunfights, shows in theatres, horse rides, train rides. Here are a few pictures of the park.


  1. Oh congrats to you! I know your daughter will be proud! (I am!) I couldn't do it! Lovely scenery for your run!

  2. AWESOME job mom...and dad:))))
    What a great run- I WANT TO RUN IT WITH YOU next year...Okay?:) Just love it!!!! And the scenery...'s been snowing since yesterday, and supposed to snow 4cm more before it's over.
    Stay down.

  3. Good job:) That looks like a really nice run. Better scenery than in Calgary:)))


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