Friday, March 25, 2011

A Trip down the Apache Trail

It was a dreary day, we were expecting rain so we thought a road trip was in order. You are welcome to come along! The Apache Trail is home of the legendary Superstition Mountains. The trail once served as a stage coach and freight wagon route from Mesa to Globe.
We headed down the Apache Trail. Our first stop was at Superstition Mountain Museum.
Old Mine
We continued and past the...
I had read about Tortilla Flat in a travel magazine and thought we should pay a visit. The main reason for the visit was that it was suppose to be a very scenic drive and that it was! The road was curvy...

But very scenic...

We past through 2 one lane bridges by Canyon Lake...

Then arrived at Tortilla Flat. This is the last remaining stage coach stop along the Apache Trail. It has a population of six.
So...that was Tortilla Flat....back we went. On the left hand side of the road was Goldfield Ghost Town. We still wanted to check that out. In 1890 it was a boomtown with 50 working mines in the district. Today it has unique shops, general store, two museums plus more!

We had lunch in the Mammoth Steakhouse and were treated to entertainment while we ate...(I did take a video so you could be entertained...but it won't work for me so you will have to imagine....)

It was a fun time.
We past some gorgeous Adobe homes on our way home...

And that was our day! Hope you enjoyed the ride!


  1. I DID!
    Oh that picture of dad and his friend makes me miss you ;)
    A population of 6 huh? My family and I could be a town then?
    That curvy road made me want o get out and RUN!

  2. Neat scenery (and adobes!) Ha ha! Just read Dawn's comment about having her own town. :)

  3. The scenery is very nice:)There is alot of little towns:))

  4. you are having a great trip...thanks for sharing

  5. Great Pictures!!!!! It is fun to see where and what you are up to:)


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