Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well we are off to Tucson! Elevation is higher...nights are cooler...
I remember the very first time we drove through the Sonoran Desert...I think because I am familiar with the looked like a forest fire had gone through...and for a moment I thought those "sticks' were the remains of trees.... But they were the Saguaro. (pronounced saw-WAH-row...I'm still working on that)
This has to be one of my favourite plants! They only grow in the Sonoran Desert in Azizona and parts of Mexico. They take years to grow! They come in all shapes and sizes it seems. I just love looking at them!
Pool Time-
Alberta has beautiful sunsets...but there is something about a sunset with a Palm tree in it...
I can't resist taking pictures of them...

Tomorrow...we do our Sunrise 4 mile Cross country run at Old Tucson...


  1. You're right....there IS something about a sunset with a palm tree.
    I guess you're going to have to let me come with you next time to see it for real;)
    I will tell you when the snow from your yard is missing, and then you're safe to come home. Until then- stay by your pool:)
    Good luck in your run tomorrow. I'll be cheering you on!

  2. Ha ha! Love that you have your snow melt patrol working for you! The cacti are really cool. Have never seen them in person. :)

  3. Hey guess what? I saw green grass at the warm side of my house yesterday!!!:) Nice sunset!

  4. Well keep those snow reports a coming girls! I am quite content sitting by the pool...but that green grass and the thought of working in my yard tugs me a those grandkids pull me northwards...(ha ha)


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