Monday, March 7, 2011

Week One

Well it has been seven days since we have left wintery Alberta! It seems like ages ago. Two days were filled with travel. The following five were spend exploring areas we hadn’t RV’ed in before. After leaving the Coachella Valley we headed along the Salton Sea.  
I believe this is the largest inland body of water that is salt water. There are many birds in this area...lately the smell coming from this sea is baffling scientists...the fish and birds are dying and they don’t know why. 
We drove by the Sea...we were going to go for a walk along the shore...but the smell wasn’t worth the walk.
We stayed in El Centro to check the area out. It looked like a mall was close...we decided to bike instead of walk.....
Are you sure there is a mall on this road?

Thank goodness we did would of been some walk. 

Where is the mall???.
But we did end up getting to the mall!
On the way home...Brian broke his bicycle seat! Well that is better than the air going out of our tires...

One thing we love about RV'ing is all the wonderful people we meet! Today we had just checked in and a gentleman stopped and talked to us. He had exactly the same motorhome as us...even the same year. It funny how a RV can bond you. Brian and Vern enjoyed a great afternoon together. (Lucky for Brian, Vern had the tools needed to fix his bicycle seat!)

Week two, we will be heading into of our. . . so far favourite places to RV!


  1. His seat? Was the road bumpy?
    Sounds like a fun bike...and yay for new friends.

  2. Wonder what kind of pollution is killing the birds and fish. That's a shame. But at least you got some fresh air on bikes!

  3. HAHAHAHA! Is the seat really better than the tires? That would be some pretty uncomfortable bike riding on a metal pole!!! Good thing you ran into Vern!

  4. You know that when you see Dawn you will have to tell her you waved at Cindy and I as you passed by :)


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