Monday, March 28, 2011

Boot Shopping

We have a granddaughter who has horses. She was only able to ride one horse....the other horse...well she needed someone to ride with her. Brian having been raised on a farm..with horses was game to go! He quite enjoyed himself...but thought if I am riding I need boots. (?) So for his birthday his kids gave him money to purchase Cowboy Boots!!

Women always get a hassle...from the men when they are shopping. But have you ever shopped for Cowboy boots with a Man?
The shopping began in Yuma. He found the store. He went shopping by himself for a half an hour. Then he looked on the internet at the website. Then he took me to the store. We were there for 45 minutes...but he could not decide.

We biked by a Boot Barn in Tucson where he found the boot he liked. We were there for  two hours...and I was very patience getting his sizes, checking with clerks.
He could not make up his mind... When he finally did...they didn't have his size. But apparently the Boot Barn in Mesa had them.
When we got to Mesa...the boots in his size were gone... I gave him the ultimatum. We have already looked know what you want...we are not starting all over again! And in 10 minutes ....He found the boots in Mesa!
All of this was well worth it. Next time he does this...
He'll do it style...hopefully without the SNOW!!!


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!
    Well you're a good woman to have patience with THAT shopping expedition! Hey! A photographer was needed anyhow;)
    Tell him he chose well...and it's supposed to be sunny maybe tomorrow...with +12C temps by the weekend.

    (I think he should ride in his shorts;))

  2. Woo Hoo! You deserve something for your patience (beside a funny post). I bet Dawn's daughter will be happy to have a well-shod riding companion...

  3. you should see my husband when he goes to buy work boots..he has sensative feet...and quite he has to try on so many pair to get the right ones...I can definately find shoes much faster...I love shoes...

  4. wow those boots look great with the jean shorts!!! like the ones he FINALLY decided on-it is a very big decision, buying shoes

  5. I like the final pick:) You probably wouldnt want to go shoe shopping with me either:))))


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