Thursday, March 24, 2011

Biking in Mesa

The one thing we noticed as we came into Mesa was that most of their main roads had bike lanes. This was great since we prefer to bike than take the van. Our first day in Mesa we decided to explore the area.
We hadn't biked far when we came across canals with bike much for our Road Trip.... off we went on the trails.
We found out there are miles and miles and miles of these trails!! We rode for 5 hours. We did come across a mall and did some shopping!! But here are a few sites along the canal....
We came across a Faerie Frolic....this was new to us!

 We bought wonderful scented soaps from these Faeries

 There was all different sorts of dress...we had arrived when it was just opening and when we left saw many more dressed for the occasion walking down the streets.
 There were homes along the canal ...what we enjoyed were their backyard friends!
How would you like one of these looking in your back door?
 Chickens playing with you children...
 Fresh Milk for breakfast!
Don't know where you would ride these guys since you'r in the middle of the city?
We also saw orchards along the paths... the trails were great. Many where paved... We were on the east canal heading south...We will try the roadways another day.


  1. THAT must have made you glad you left the road path ....nothing better than venturing out on a new trail:)
    Looks like a wonderful bike ride...trying hard not to be jealous;))

    Those are quite the backyard pets!:)
    (FYI: IT JUST quit snowing last night. All vehicles in ditch because now it's freezing rain....ugh. Hey! Rain means it's warming up;))

  2. Oh, I'm thinking you need to get a winter home there. You'd burn up those bike trails. Maybe the horses are ridden on the same trails?


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