Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That is it for Mesa

Mesa they say has the best Swap Meet in Arizona. If you walk the whole market you will have walked one and a half miles. There are 1600 vendors. We visited it early on Sunday morning. The parking  lot was only half full, so it was not to busy....yet. 
 These pictures are of one tent. I took the pictures from the middle of the tent. There are 4 of these tents.
When we left, the parking lot was overflowing...vehicles waiting to take your spot. A great place to visit...just go early unless you like crowds.

It seems that every other person you talk to golfs in Arizona...Brian and I decided to try it at Mesa. There was a 9 hole course in our park so we gave it a try...
Well it was just a miniature golf course...but it was good enough for me... I am sure someday Brian would like to golf the real thing! (by the way...I beat Brian)
We did try a bit of geocaching..
We have opposites ways of finding the find..... Some trips are quite interesting...
I know it's in this park.... and when the geo caching says 'Arriving'... Brian is skeptical... 
We found the spot...but that was all we found.. 
Well THAT was a  great time in Mesa....and northwards we go!


  1. Hahah..Oh boy. I can hear the geocaching debate from here.;)
    So....northward hmmm? They changed the weather again. Only about +2 or +3 for the weekend. And hardly a speck of snow has melted. BUT come on back- don't let that stop you!!! W'eRe here;)
    Love the last shot- beautiful!!!

  2. Oops. I don't think my comment "took".

    The cactus is beautiful! And I loved the big 9-hole golf course! That's my speed!

  3. of course you won...LOL....yall are having too much fun..


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