Monday, March 21, 2011

Casa Grande

Well our holiday is half over. Our travels are now taking us north...slowly - I hope as there is still lots of snow to melt before we get home.
Marilyn and John will be on their way home. It has been a wonderful time with them. I am so thankful we were able to share this time together!

We spent a couple days in Casa Grande about 1 hour north of Tucson. Casa Grande has a Historic Downtown. Whenever we can we love to visit we jumped on our bikes and away we went.
No...there is nothing wrong with my bike..... Brian bought me a Handy Dandy......
Bike Basket...that I can snap off and take in the store to shop with.... I am so happy to have this new basket!!! So now we are ready to go!
Just because I love old buildings are a few we saw downtown....
Downtown Main Street

 We had to check out the local downtown restaurant...
They had VERY delicious food! Veggie wrap with Pasta Salad.. YUM!


  1. yall are having a great time...enjoying being able to tag along..

  2. Love those (adobe?) buildings. Such neat architecture. I liked your "slowly" making your way back home. :) I'd be in no rush to return to snowland...

  3. Hahaha...texwisgirl is Right! We just got a HUGE dump over the past 30 wouldn't like it- not one little bit. And it is still snowing.....

    Love that basket!!!!!
    And that street sign...can you make it bigger to hang on your wall?:)


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