Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Around Mesa

That around Mesa will come tomorrow....THIS is what we experienced today! I was told by friends that when in Mesa we had to visit Organ Pizza. Others mentioned it was not a big thing. Brian and I had to explore this for ourselves. It was about 4 miles from our RV park. We hopped on our bikes and away we went.
The restaurant is not much to look at from the outside.
When you enter, this is the process....you order your food;  order your drinks;  seat yourself (there are long row tables, so you sit family style) and wait for your number to appear on the board.
This is what the stage looks like.
With our luck as soon as our food number comes up...
Music starts playing and the organ starts rising....
We found it totally entertaining! The sound amazing. There were pipes, piano and percussion instruments on the ceiling and walls. Puppets danced at times to the music, lights flashed, bubbles came from the ceiling.  Song requests were played, birthdays or anniversary's celebrated. We felt was a must see experience!
We would of loved to stay longer...but we had to bike home before dark! But we did stop for coffee..
Picked up a pie...to bad we didn't have any one to share it with tonight! 
It was a Chocolate Cream Turtle Pie...
It was a beautiful evening! (But I will have to jog tomorrow morning!)


  1. what a fun place...and a yummy desert..

  2. So was the pizza any good? At least the place was entertaining!

  3. umm Pizza was so so....but for the cost it was okay...but the experience was worth it!


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